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      After chasing the thread. How to adjust alternator belt on 1999 Lexus ES300? levered the alternator to make the tension high, and then tightened the bolt down. What broke, a mounting bolt or the tensioner release bolt? The release bolt (not shown in Rod’s link) does occasionally break off if the tensioner is pulled back by someone not experienced with this system. It's probably my fault, I took off the mounting bracket once and lost the bolt at the very bottom. Hello, I was wondering where I can find the tensioner for the AC belt on a 2000 Voyager with the 3 litre Engine. In the photos is a sprung loaded tensioner from a 2. store HOME ABOUT US LOCAL PICKUP WARRANTY EASY RETURNS FAST SHIPPING CONTACT US New Serpentine Belt Tensioner w/ Pulley for 95-01 Ford Ranger 2. You can replace the engine idler pulley in your02-09 Chevy Trailblazer. I guess it has some bearings in it that are about to go bad. To ensure that the balancer is locked in position, ARP has developed these ultra strong 200,000 psi bolts that let you exert maximum clamping force. The belt tensioner sits in a slot and can be adjusted to.

      I was thinking that the tensioner pulley assembly is held by two bolts which you expose when you press the tensioner down. The idler pulley under the A/C of course is regular right-hand thread as normal. The best part is, our Chevrolet Impala Belt Tensioner Assembly products start from as little as $36. Our Belt Tensioner Bolt is engineered from high-quality steel and brass to secure the Belt Tensioner in its proper location. The main belt’s tensioner is hydraulic. Alas, since I had a similar issue with my Taurus and stripping a bracket I can tell you what I would do. Had a local Mechanic replace timing belt, tensioner, idler pulley, water pump, thermostat, new radiator hoses (Continental Timing Belt Kit). THIS BOLT IS LEFTLY LOOSEY ISN'T It? 1) is it possible to remove the water pump WITHOUT taking off the tensioner? Perhaps only removing the pulley wheel off the tensioner? I think I need to remove it for clearance for the water pump bolts. Just pointing that out because you may need to replace the tensioner depending on how much its worn. It took so much torque to seat the pulley, on the new pump, it stripped the threads off the tool. I pulled out about 3/8" of thread from the hole, wrapped around the bolt. On many newer frames, it is a bolt-on part, so it can be replaced if bent. Whilst replacing it I decided to spin up the pulleys to check bearings, the belt tensioner had a loud bearing whine, so I figured I had better check out toyota's price on it (mainly because I was buying a few other parts from them at the time). Given that I'm not at all confident that max torquing the water pump bolts will fix the leak, it's entirely possible I'll need to go back to a BMW water pump.

      NAIOA - 2000-2005 Engine, Exhaust and Transmission - Tensioner Pulley Bolt ISSUES - Last night I replaced the water pump and drive belt in my '01 3. New Bolt Invicta Strap 50mm S. , In Stock 100% guarantee. Loosen that. In the photos is a sprung loaded tensioner from a 2. So I tighten the Pulley bolt and a 2-3 turns of the wrench the nut started spinning very easily, and stopped tightening the t-belt. The idler pulley is out so I was gonna. Is it OK to tap the pipe-wrench extension with a hammer to give it some "impact" or momentum? I am worried that I'll damage the tension/idler pulley or the threads if I hammer the extension on the pipe-wrench. My tensioner pulley was squeaking lately and I wanted to replace it, just not sure in which direction to turn.

      I beleive that the serpentine belts have to be tensioned very tight to eliminate the squeeking. Then remove the top alternator bolt - secured to a thin bracket. You will have to delicately move the crankshaft pulley bolt getting the pistons down the bore so as not to make contact with valves. It's also a good idea to replace all the idler pulleys. This is why soob wants you to use a there pulley holding tool and a toque wrench to tighten the bolt. Then I would put a socket on the bolt and give it a couple of sharp blows with a hammer. I just tightened them too much have now stripped the inside thread, any idea what size bolt/thread is in the bottom tensioner? Edited June 18, 2012 by Jonesy123. Easy to use parts catalog. I noticed the idler pulley was missing (makes sense as to why belt fell off). i just used an axe lol you want to put the belt on everything except for one of the top pulleys. never reached torque spec. Part # A202 1-Groove V-Belt Pulley For Delco 10SI Series Alternators.

      store HOME ABOUT US LOCAL PICKUP WARRANTY EASY RETURNS FAST SHIPPING CONTACT US New Serpentine Belt Tensioner w/ Pulley for 95-01 Ford Ranger 2. After you completely back out that bolt you probably need to go back topside to finish tapping/pulling the long bolt fully clear. Let me know if you pros think it is OK. 1A Auto will walk you through the process. 99 Marion B14-2a-6 Power Steering Filter And Housing Assy Bus Truck Transit Gillig. Once removed the whole thing then you may be able to remove the bolt and replace the pulley. Timing, belt, camshaft. To my incredible surprise, when trying to re-tighten the tension pulley screw, the aluminium forming the thread broke off from the inner plate. So far, with a couple of major exceptions, like the cylinder head decks, the rear-driven passenger side cam, and the Torx stuff, we like the 4. it practically comes out with your fingers. I checked the fuses, they are fine. When I took the old pulley off, the bolt seemed a little too easy to take off. #8 - 14 in. You will find that once you grind the entire head off of the lower bolt there really is no more tension locking up the threads. This is the premier Ford Forum on the internet.

      Supercharged VT. 2001 Ford ZX2 DOHC 2L I4 Changing my timing belt and the torque spec for the timing belt idler pulley bolt in the service manual was incorrect. Threads are no good. i bought years ago spray 6 can's of rust o e um primer paint, & a hammered look & clear. The A/C pulley is the one that seems like it could be off by one thread. If the threads that the bolts in the slots have stripped need to be tapped larger or helicoiled. The pulley. Re: Starter Pulley Removal Help Needed thanks guys, so i guess the tapered bolt removes the starter pulley as well.

      So that was the cause for my no compression. Squealing Belts, Laser Beams and Pulley Alignment, WHAT!? How to Fix Stripped Bolt Hole Threads on Your Car. The tensioner pulley looks higher than the idler pulley when engaged. The eye itself was a steel forging, supplied as a standard item. Once that is loosened, you can actually work on the tensioner. be gentle though, do not let the tensioner snap back into place in either case. Crank the engine over a few times (if it starts, turn it off right away) and then measure the tension with the gauge. If the upper pivot B-screw adjustment is already as tight as possible, do not change tension in the pulley cage to a higher tension setting. Something smells wrong here. Cold rolled steel,. I just swapped my serpentine today. As the lower bolt for the serpentine belt tensioner broke off due to torquing it down so be careful while doing this. There is a risk of stripped threads when torquing the OEM bolt to spec when it has less threads to engage. Your order may be eligible for Ship to Home, and shipping is free on all online orders of $35. Bolt - timing belt tensioner pulley 16.

      Similar issue on my 96 legacy. Remove the two bolts holding the auger housing and frame together while your assistant holds the handles with the snowblower in the operating position. Please refer to Honda Service Bulletin #08-082 or Gates Service Bulletin #PA010-12 for details on the recommended timing cover modifications. Breaker bar on the front crank bolt Tightening the front crank bolt with breaker bar and channel locks This is a very cool ratchet for breaking free bolts on pulleys without using a special holding tool. Alternator 3. Watch this video to find out how. 25 they had to increase it to a 12mmx1. You must first loosen the large bolt that goes through the center of the tensioner first (this locks the tensioner in place once adjusted). For Models: V8. Step 7 - remove tensioner (block) not just pulley with 8mm hex Step 8 - loosen both alternator bolts(8mmhex) Step 9 - remove oil sensor on top of intake manifold and the hose the plugs into Step 10 - metal wrapped around the valve cover Step 11 - remove alternator bolts and pop alt. The nut keeps turning and turning on the tensioner bolt. Accessory Drive Belt Idler Pulley Bolt 50 N·m 37 lb ft Accessory Drive Belt Tensioner Bolts 50 N·m 37 lb ft Active Fuel Management Oil Pressure Relief Valve 27 N·m 20 lb ft Air Conditioning Drive Belt Tensioner Bolts 50 N·m 37 lb ft Automatic Transmission Flex Plate Bolts - First Pass 20 N·m 15 lb ft Automatic Transmission Flex Plate Bolts. After several unsuccessful attempts, with subsequent rounding-off of the nut (stripped), I made the last-resort decision to go with vise gripsto no avail. There's a possibility that the bearing finaly melted or just heated up and heated the bolt up enough for it to shear without much effort.

      This is the goofy bracket above the pulley pictured. That black pulley is part of this complete item as I posted. Heating the bolt with the torch is probably a bad idea. I got a new belt, idler pulley and tensioner pulley from NAPA. When my mechanic was tightening the belt, one of the idlers actually broke, the center metal casting cracked. The machine shop fixed the threads and pulled out the tap. Yes I took my tensioner off the car and put it in the vice to work on. Free Same Day Store Pickup. I tried my local hardware stores but could not find anything that would allow me to remove the stripped nut. Well I stripped the Torx bolt on the tensioner pulley. Remove the bolt from the tensioner pulley (turn the bolt to the RIGHT, or toward the front of the car - because the bolt has left-hand threads, it loosens in the opposite direction of a "normal" bolt). there is a stripped bolt on the crank pulley so I'm unable to see the lower timing mark. Push downwards on the tensioner pulley to compress the spring. The threads are gone in the block.

      Again, I think the squeeking is not the pulley, but the belt tension. Bttom line. The nut on the right locks the tensioner in position. tightening the bolt clock-wise to the point where it wants to start giving; however, it hits a certain point and the nut/bolt seems to slip as if it's stripped. the tensioner is stripped where the bolt that holds the pulley on goes, is it possible that i could gorilla glue the bolt in so that i can put the belt back on and drive the car to where my mechanic friend can do the work? i cant do the work at my house because its not allowed in my neighborhood, or possibly j. 8T, Volkswagen Jetta IV GLI 1. Black 50mm Bolt Men's Dial New Silicone Chrono Watch K S. Changing the idler pulley on the supercharger belt. Lots of options for the gasser, but I can't find anything for the diesel version. The pulley bolt is 40 Nm. The Infamous Subaru 2. I stripped out the belt tensioner bolt that holds the tensioner to the engine. Coil packs are held in with a pair of 10mm bolts (A and B in the illustration. I removed it, and purchased a new one.